hi! welcome to my page.

I'm Nicholas. 熊志文 is my Chinese name.

I really enjoy music composition/arrangement and programming! I'm particularly interested in developing applications for artistic endeavors.

I've been using 'syncopika' as my username in various places. It's a combination of syncopation (I like syncopated rhythms) and 'pikapika' (Japanese onomatopoeia for something sparkly). Not the best name, but easy to find and kinda unique, I think. :D

I also enjoy listening to anime soundtracks. here is a library I'm putting together of soundtracks I've listened to.

other places I'm at:

thanks for visiting!

c. 2016

music works

more original work @ my bandcamp


I love creating arrangements! You can find my most recent work at my YouTube channel.

archive of some arrangments (.wav): here and sheet music (score format, needs MuseScore): here


random, original stuff

my programming projects

some of the web applications are not optimized for mobile viewing, sorry!


for browser:

piano roll (Chrome recommended)



JSON generator

picture comparer (source)

gifCatch (Chrome extension)

for desktop:

gifCatch for Windows

cute animator

basic chat server/client


visual novel maker (demo)

boringChat (demo)

Chinese Quiz (普通話)


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you can also contact me at my email below! thanks!

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